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Patient Testimonials

Patient #1: Traumatic Brain Injury/Near Drowning

Pediatric Care

When I think of what practicing medicine should be, I think of Dr. Hedayat.  Unfortunately, most doctors are checking insurance protocols to see what’s covered and what’s not.  Each patient is unique and should be treated as such.

Our son suffered an anoxic brain injury just after his second birthday and has numerous neurological issues.  We were fortunate to come to work with Dr. Hedayat. With his training in pediatric critical care and integrative medicine, he has the perfect experience to work with children like Christian who have complex medical histories and time in an intensive care unit.

In the brief time Dr. Hedayat has been working with our son Christian he has made numerous assessments and changes based on unique testing and designing treatment based on our son’s needs and not an insurance chart.  To bolster Christian’s immune system, Dr. Hedayat created a blend of teas.  To help with spasticity, he created a supository.  To better align his metabolism for overall neurological function, he designed a tincture.  I slowly introduced each and saw the benefits.

Within just a few weeks of starting Dr. Hedayat’s customized treatment, Christian’s flushing and intense heat in face subsided. He was less agitated and had a reduction in seizure activity. His core temperature improved and we noticed that he was focusing more purposefully with eyes. Christian’s sleep improved too.

Dr. H listens and cares about my son and we really appreciate that.

-Chris and Mary B., San Diego, CA

Patient #2: Epilepsy (seizures) and Congenital Glycosylation Disorder

Gianna was diagnosed with Lennox- Gastaut epilepsy at 6 months old.  At age 2 1/2, she was diagnosed with a rare metabolic disorder called CDG (Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation- Subtype unknown). Gianna has had a multi-symptom involvement, which includes hypotonia, developmental delay, intractable seizures, aspiration issues, gastrointestinal problems, poor balance (ataxia) and motor skills (apraxia).  Due to the severity of her seizures, we were told that Gianna would “most likely” not live past age 5.   We have done several therapy treatments (intensive suit therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, auditory therapy), which has contributed to some of her progress throughout the years. Gianna has had over 600+ seizures a day for most of her life.

Gianna is now 6 years old. In July 2010, we learned of Dr. Hedayat’s Biology of Functions testing after seeing the improvements in a friend’s child.   When referred to Dr. Hedayat, Gianna was averaging a drop seizure every 2-5 minutes.

Gianna has had many specialist over the years recommending supplements and dietary changes.   Dr. Hedayat was the first doctor that actually analyzed her blood and recommended supplements her body showed it needed based on her results.  The Biology of Functions test showed imbalances that other doctors were not able to determine for regular lab tests.

Within 4 weeks of starting Dr. Hedayat’s customized treatment plan and dietary changes, Gianna’s seizures decreased dramatically to every half hour.  We have worked with Dr. Hedayat for 5 months and we have noticed that Gianna’s cognitive awareness has improved and she is starting to babble and form sounds.  We are also noticing she is responding to our commands.
Gianna is now a different child, for the first time in her life, she is able to concentrate on her environment without the constant disruption of seizures.  Currently, we are in the process of decreasing her anti-seizure medication.  We’ve documented her progression on YouTube.

We are so happy that we learned of Dr. Hedayat. He will always be a part of Gianna’s medical care.

-Natalie D., San Capistrano, CA

Patient #3: Heavy Metal Detoxification

I was concerned when my 2 ½ year old daughter was tested for lead in her blood and it came back with higher than normal amounts. Although my pediatrician had a wait and see attitude, I decided to take her to see Dr. Hedayat.  I am glad that I did as he was able to explain the dangers of lead in the body.  His quick action and sound advice was very comforting, as well as logical.  The remedy that he suggested was easy to follow, and easy for my toddler to take as well.  When I had her blood re-checked 6 weeks later, there was no trace of lead.  The pediatrician was surprised at the speed at which the problem was solved.

Thank you Dr. Hedayat!

-Patient Parent

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