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Lyme Disease


Lyme disease is one of the most elusive diseases of our day. It can present with varied symptoms and is notoriously difficult to diagnosis by standard testing techniques. Lyme disease is occurring in more and more parts of the country and the world where infectious disease experts claim that it doesn’t exist.

Lyme disease is diagnosable, treatable and can even be eradicated without the use of antibiotics using the approach of endobiogeny.


“Within 5 months, the improvement was huge! My dysautonomia resolved. My lyme disease is clearing without antibiotics. I am feeling…so excited because I started school this fall (after a year of absence due to my illness)…I am now able to do normal things normal people do! I will always have in my prayers Dr. Hedayat and his staff!—Ann C, Bucharest, Romania Read the full review here.

Lyme disease is an infection transmitted through a tick or animal that is a carrier for the spirochete that causes the disease. Many people who are infected don’t have the typical rash or fever, which is one of the reasons the disease is not diagnosed.

Signs and symptoms mimic other disorders and can present with one or more of the following symptoms

  1. Hormonal imbalances
    a. Adrenal Fatigue
    b. Menstrual disorders
    c. Hypothyroidism (low thyroid)
    d. Blood sugar imbalances
    e. Chronic fatigue 
  2. Neuropsychiatric: Bell’s palsy (drooping of the face), depression, anxiety, emotional changes, etc.
  3. Joints: Lyme arthritis, joint swelling
  4. Heart conditions: rhythm problems and unstable blood pressure
  5. Blood vessel disorders: clotting
  6. Skin disorders
  7. Eyes: Uveitis
  8. Digestive organs: reduces function of the liver, gall bladder and other organs of digestion and detoxification


My approach is the treat the person who contracted Lyme disease instead of just trying to kill off the Lyme spirochetes. You see, many of the symptoms associated with Lyme disease, such as chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism and emotional changes are the result of how your body has tried to (unsuccessfully) deal with the Lyme infection. In other words, your body’s internal imbalance often causes more symptoms than the infection itself.

Let’s walk through it from start to finish, then we’ll evaluate other approaches you may already have heard about.

Testing for Lyme

There are two levels of testing: Lyme disease and internal imbalances that support chronic Lyme disease.

For Lyme disease, I use the most sophisticated lab studies to look at your body’s immune response to Lyme disease (IgM, IgG, CD 57+natural killer cells), fragments of the spirochete itself, and PCR analysis of DNA and RNA fragments. There is also a regional analysis of co-infections with Bartonella and other common pathogens associated with Lyme.

For the assessment of your terrain—of your internal environment—I use the biology of functions, the amazing analysis tool of the Endobiogeny. It is your body’s condition at the time of the infection and your body’s reaction to Lyme that determines how sick you become, what symptoms you have and how you respond to therapy. The biology of functions  is the ultimate guide of how your customized treatment is determined.

Treatment Lyme disease

Treating Lyme disease requires three levels of treatment

  1. The infection: Lyme disease and co-infections are best treated with natural approaches. In the long run, antibiotics can cause more trouble than help. Read the Lymes Disease Q&A
  2. The entire body (the terrain)
    a. Hormones: Hormone balance can boost your natural immune system and rebalance your natural vitality and healing capacity
    b. Drainage and detoxification: Lyme likes to hide in detoxification glands like the gall bladder. By stimulating the drainage and detoxification properties of your lymphatics, liver, gall bladder, kidney and intestines, you will be better able to manage die-off reactions and reduce the recurrence of infection.
    c. Nervous system: balancing neurotransmitters, “fight or flight” and “rest and digest” responses supports hormone balance, supports a healthy nervous system and improves the growth and activity of healthy bacteria in your gut. It also supports good detoxification and helps you be open to receiving joy in your life again.
  3. The mental and emotional toll on your life: many people are not correctly diagnosed with Lyme disease for years, and spend thousands of dollars even after their diagnosis on treatments that don’t help. Lyme disease robs your life of precious years of happiness and productivity. Our affiliate healers [hyperlink to a page for Joy, my mother for hypnotherapy, and Tiffany Barsotti: Heal and Thrive] can help you address these issues.

Here are the elements of my treatment approach:

  1. Medicinal plants: Tinctures, herbs and aromatherapy have amazing abilities to kill harmful organisms like the Lyme spirochete without causing resistance the way that antibiotics do. Because plants have many effects at the same time, I’ll choose the best combination of plant extracts that treat the lyme disease as well as detoxification and nervous system issues
  2. Intravenous (IV) therapy: I have developed a unique combination of high dose vitamin C with a proprietary blend of vitamins and homeopathic that can stimulate a powerful die-off response. This is especially helpful in patients who have been on long-term antibiotics and have developed resistance.
  3. Hyperbaric oxygen: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help in Lyme disease in the following ways
    a. Direct kill effects on Lyme spirochetes and co-infections
    b. Stimulation of your natural immune defenses
    c. Stimulate wound healing
    d. Stimulate energy production
    e. Heal the blood brain barrier, brain inflammation, and reduce neurologic effects of Lyme disease

In my work as director of a hyperbaric oxygen therapy center, I developed the Lyme Synergy Healing Protocol. It’s only available at Full Spectrum Health. It means less treatment for shorter periods of time with better effects.

Find out if you suffer from Lyme Disease and don’t suffer any longer. Call us today for a consultation.

Question and Answers about Lyme therapies

Q: What is this Lyme Synergy Healing Approach that you mentioned in your discussion of Lyme disease?

A: The Lyme Synergy Healing Approach is a method I developed from my work with patients with Lyme disease. It is based on trusting the natural healing potential of your body, and using the endobiogeny approach to healing to understand the specific therapies that are most likely to benefit YOU.

Screenshot_6_15_56_BE_1_17_PMThe base of the healing synergy pyramid is the endobiogeny approach to healing: strengthen your body’s natural healing mechanisms with natural plant extracts and diet and gentle detoxification. The next level is hyperbaric oxygen to bolster the healing process started by the herbal approach. The third level is to use a special combination of vitamins with vitamin C that dramatically increases the kill rate of infections within the body. IV therapy is times using a special protocol that I have developed along with hyperbaric oxygen. In this way, we can use lower concentrations of nutrients and oxygen, increase the healing effects and reduce the risk of side effects. At the top of the pyramid is the least desirable treatment: antibiotics. If they are needed, we’ll use them for the shortest amount of time necessary.

Q: Antibiotics: You seem to be against the use of antibiotics. Don’t you have to treat an infection with an antibiotic?

A: Antibiotics may be helpful for a short period of time when the body is overwhelmed from an infection. In the last 3000 years of human civilization, chemical antibiotics have only been around for 100 years. The rest of the time, people used natural approached.

There are a few problems with using antibiotics long-term, some general, some specific to Lyme disease. In the case of Lyme, experts have noted how using antibiotics at the wrong time can drive Lyme spirochetes into the spore stage, or even cause a transformation of Lyme to a completely different species! This actually makes it harder to treat Lyme disease.

Long-term use of antibiotics drives pathogens to become resistance to antibiotics. This requires higher and higher doses and more and more combinations of antibiotics with worse and worse side effects. Antibiotics kill off good bacteria that protect against other infections and balance inflammation in the body. Natural plant extracts don’t harm good microbes as they kill off bad ones. Numerous studies have also shown that long-term or repeated short-term use of antibiotics increases your lifetime risk of developing cancer. Read about it here.

Q: Ultraviolet Blood Therapy (UVBT): What do you think about UVBT for Lyme disease?

A: I personally don’t use it. It can be helpful to reduce the load of organisms but they often grow back again because you are cleansing the blood and they are hiding in the tissues. I have had patients who have received YEARS of UVBT. Until you treat the imbalance within, the problem will not go away.

Q: Supplements: You don’t use a lot of supplements in your therapies. How can you use such few treatments for a disease as complex as Lyme?

A: The functional medicine approach works at the cellular level, and treats each imbalance found on an expensive lab test and each symptom as separate problem that has no relationship to the other problems in the body. From this perspective, for 40 imbalance, you get 40 treatments.


From the endobiogenic perspective, when you treat the manager of the body, your get a trickle down effect that influence all 40 problems. In other words, if 4 imbalances are responsible for 40 down-stream symptoms, then 4 treatments will address all 40 problems.


Before I met with Dr. Hedayat, I used to go from doctor to doctor, ’till I got a diagnose of lyme disease. Then, I started on huge daily doses of antibiotics that didn’t work at all, I did HBOT until I had a severe Herxheimer reaction’s including cardio-circulatory collapse.

I tried a natural blood thinner, Bolukinase and I got a serious dysautonomia nightly bradycardia (low heart rate), down to 45 beats per minute and daily tachycardia with heart rate up until 180 beats per minute.

The ambulance came almost daily because of this but couldn’t do anything else but take me to the hospital and monitor me until the attack passed, because it lasted 1 or 2 hours. I also had serious blood pressure variations- from 180/110 to as low as 80/40, nearly passing out.

I met up with Dr. Hedayat, who started me on a treatment. Within 5 months, the improvement was huge! My dysautonomia resolved. My lyme disease is clearing without antibiotics (on Dr. Hedayat’s treatment). I am feeling so well and so excited because I started school this fall (after a year of absence due to my illness). For years I had huge headaches that didn’t pass off with anything, and, after years of suffering, I got the solution.

I am now able to do normal things normal people do! I will always have in my prayers Dr. Hedayat and his staff!

Ana C and Dr. Daniella C, MD (mother), Bucharest, Romania