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Case Studies

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Example 1: High blood pressure
A 5 year old girl with Leigh’s disease, a progressive mitochondrial disorder was on three blood pressure medications at doses higher than most adults could tolerate. She was started on two plant extracts, Magnesium and CoQ10. Over 9 months, all three of her blood pressure medications were completely weaned off and her blood pressure has been normal every since. Because of the natural course of this metabolic disorder, it was predicted that she would be in a wheelchair in les than one year, and on a respirator within 2 years. Three years later, she’s riding a bike, going to school and doing her homework like any other girl in her class.

Example 2: Failure to grow
A 12 year old boy born with a non-functioning thyroid stopped gaining weight or gaining height despite higher and higher doses of his thyroid medication. He was started on two plant tinctures to improve thyroid activity and his thyroid medication was reduced by 25% after 2 months. He was started on a natural promoter of growth and gained 5 pounds and 2 inches in 3 months.

Example 3: Ovarian Cancer, stage 4
A 62 year old woman was diagnosed with inoperable stage 4 ovarian cancer and was given 6 months to live. Since working with the endobiogenic method, her ovarian cancer markers have come down over 60% after just 6 months. She continues to make progress 9 months out.

Example 4: Menopause
A 48 year old woman complained of symptoms of menopause including loss of libido, weight gain, hot flashes and difficulty with memory. She had been started on bioidentical hormones and a prescription bone medication. She was started on plant extracts and essential oils in place, weaned off of bio-identical hormones with significant reduction of all symptoms within 4 months. Bone production was improved and her bone medication was discontinued.

Example 5: Early menopause reversal
A 37 year old stopped having periods and went into menopause with hot flashed and weight gain. She underwent an endobiogenic assessment and was started on a balancing treatment. Within 2 months, her periods resumed with a dramatic reduction in PMS symptoms.