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Thriving Force Natural Medicine –

  • Endobiogenic Medicine: as systematic and scientific method of practicing a deep level of holistic medicine while telling the story of the interconnectedness of all life forms.
  • Moving beyond functional levels of standard lab testing to using the relationship between biomarkers to find the root cause of imbalance and illness.
  • How hormones manage biology, tissue, and organ function.
  • A deeper level of understanding why a patient is sick allows practitioners to individualize treatment and get better results.
  • How a school of fish can teach us a better system of medicine.
  • The endocrine system coordinates and manages all the other systems in the body including itself.
  • Why Dr. Hedayat doesn’t measure blood hormone levels and what he tests instead to understand the endocrine system effect on health and disease.
  • Making patients the center of the visit.
  • Using common blood tests to practice advanced medicine.
  • Relationships are what it’s all about and celebrating interdependence day.
  • The womb of life is the bone marrow.
  • Dr. Hedayat on botanical medicine, “A living system needs a living treatment. A complex system needs a complex treatment. The body is a complex living system and plants are really the only thing that are intelligent enough to work at the level of the intelligence of the body.”
  • Plant compounds work on groups of compounds in the body, making them a very efficient medicine.
  • “There’s no alternative to good medicine. So there’s really no such thing as alternative medicine.” – Dr. Hedayat
  • The joy of holistic practice.







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