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First and foremost, the treatment philosophy of the Endobiogenic method is quite simple: Restore the body to balance. The Endobiogenic method is a systematic approach to understanding how the body works, why an individual person becomes ill, and how the body can be returned to a state of balance.

Endobiogeny is a philosophy of medicine that views imbalances as originally helpful reactions that become dysregulated over time—not as an enemy to control or suppress.

For example, women undergoing menopause often have cholesterol. Is that a disease? No, because cholesterol is the precursor of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. So, it’s a natural reaction for the body to want to hang on to the precursor of estrogen when estrogen levels drop low. But, if the body can’t make the estrogen because the ovaries are not responsive anymore, just hanging on the cholesterol may not help and may contribute to heart disease if there is inflammation and other factors present. Thus, the Endobiogenic method evaluates the person rather than a single blood test or symptom.

Second, it evaluates the whole person, body considering past and present events in your life, such as the death of a parent in childhood, divorce, loss of a job, etc. and the physical impact it has on the body. For example, the death of a parent at 5 years of age, 12 years of age and 40 years of age produces very different hormonal reactions and can have completely different effects on our health.

The third and most astounding aspect of the endobiogenic system is the lab system called the biology of functions—a window into the inner workings of your body. Traditional medical tests have limited how effectively doctors could evaluate functional illnesses. This is because they were based on a disease-based model of illness.

For example, when a person has Addison’s disease, a disorder of the adrenal gland, there are blood tests that tell your doctor when your adrenal gland is so diseased that it is life-threatening. But what about when you have low blood sugar, feel tired all the time, or have frequent fungal infections? The same tests for Addison’s disease are normal, but you don’t feel normal. This is what we call “adrenal fatigue”, and it can’t be detected in with regular blood tests.

How many times have you felt sick but your doctor told you that there was nothing wrong with you because your labs were normal?

The Biology of Functions is a biological modeling algorithm and is different from regular lab tests because it doesn’t measure disease. The biology of functions evaluates function.

The Endobiogenic system can offer support during standard medical treatments by addressing some of the side effects encountered from radiation and chemotherapy during cancer treatment. The optimal diet and lifestyle changes can be suggested based in order to optimize your body’s immune system. Medicinal plants and special supplements can help strengthen your body and prime it to have the best response to traditional treatments.

In cases of inoperable or untreatable cancers, the endobiogenic system may be able to offer insights into the factors contributing to unhealthy cell growth and suggest natural treatments that modulate these factors.

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