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Video Testimonials

Hi, my name is Akhilesh and I am 16 years old, I am in XI grade. When I came to Dr. Hedayat in December of 2012, the first diagnosis was Crohn’s disease and I actually just came out of the hospital after thanksgiving and I was taking some medications and I couldn’t sleep at night with pain and everything, and after I came to see Mr. Hedayat I have been able to sleep normally, I have been able to go to school every day, and it’s been a really good experience and I would really recommend him.

My name is Michelle. My husband and I have a daughter, Nicole, we started to see Dr. Hedayat in I believe it was October 2007. She was diagnosed in August of 2007 with Leigh’s disease, which is a mitochondrial disorder. We went to Cleveland Clinic, saw the top mitochondrial doctor there who confirmed the diagnosis, and basically didn’t have any options for us. It’s a progressive neuromuscular disease; kids tend to not do very well with it, and don’t tend to live very long. So fortunately or unfortunately she came down with bacterial pneumonia and Dr. Hedayat happened to be the intensivist on call when she was in the hospital, so that’s how we came to know him, and since she was discharged he asked us to see him in his office, he thought he could help her, and we have been seeing him now since 2007, she is doing significantly better. Kind of at this point we are not sure that that is even her diagnosis, but as far as the mitochondrial things, all of that has improved, she is doing really, really well, and honestly he has been our saviour, I would recommend him to anyone. He is the nicest man in the world. He has always told me if we needed him he would come back to Chicago in a heartbeat, and I can’t say enough good things.

Hi, my name is Lorena and I have a special-needs little one, her name is Olivia, she is 10 years old, and she has several diagnoses, is a very complex patient, and for many, many years we were struggling to have her gain her weight and thrive. She has been seen by Dr. Hedayat last November 2012; it’s only been 6 months and she has gained 9 pounds and she is just overall much better, much happier, her coordination has improved, her vision has improved, and her awareness of herself and her surroundings, and we are just so happy to see that there is a chance for children like Olivia with such complicated diagnoses to be helped by Dr. Hedayat with his knowledge in the full spectrum that he does, touching every single portion of her issues separately and all together, and this is the proof, that Olivia is doing so well, everyone notices and I should just be very thankful and I am very thankful to the doctor for all his expertise and the office people that work here, they are all so caring and we are just very happy to be a patient of his.

Hi, my name is Cindy and I am one of Dr. Hedayat’s patients. I have been his patient for a few years now and he has absolutely changed my life.

I have a number of conditions that cause me pain, discomfort and quite a few other conditions; weight gain, swelling, pain is like the majority of my issues. I was bedridden and in excruciating pain for at least a year about 10 years ago, and I have gone to numerous doctors, tried numerous therapies. I have tried naturopath, I have tried medical doctors, I have gone to MDs, I have tried every therapy known to man, and every one of them simply worked on one of my symptoms, and all it did was create more symptoms or more pain, more problems, new issues, and all the doctors were doing were treating one symptom at a time, and the symptoms were not the problem.

I came to Dr. Hedayat like I said a couple of years ago, probably two or three years ago, and Dr. Hedayat started looking at the actual cause and started working with me on what was wrong with me, what was really the cause of all this, and he tried herbs on me, he tried pills on me, vitamins, and if I didn’t like something he would find something else that I liked, really worked personally with me on things, like I don’t necessarily like taking powders and I hate powders, he would give me oils since I love oils. So I didn’t do well with oils, I didn’t do well with the herbs and he moved me into something else. He gave me a prescription for something for my adrenals and then he has also given me things that I could use instead, it was amazing.
He did everything that I needed, he brought me out of this horrible place of being stuck in these symptoms and problems and we are still working on it, and there’s a ways to go but I see a light at the end of the tunnel now. I am so incredibly grateful to Dr. Hadayat for improving my life and finding that there is an actual cause for this stuff and that we can work through that. He is also training other doctors to help. I mean this guy is amazing. Dr. Hedayat is just really, he cares and he provides answers when you don’t think there are any.
I will always be grateful to Dr. Hedayat for just giving me hope and providing some amazing products that have helped me in my pain, helped me with, I have actually lost 60 pounds, it took 10 years, somebody finally figured out how to get me to lose and to be able to lose the weight that I had gained off all this horrible stuff that had happened to me. I am grateful and happy and I can’t wait. I would love to redo this again and wait two more years to see where I am then and cross my fingers and good luck. I think you guys are awesome. If you are thinking about using Dr. Hedayat, I promise you he will treat you as an individual, he will look at your problems as a whole; he is amazing. And good luck, congratulations on finding him, and thank you.

Food Allergies Personality Development

So my name is Amy and my daughter’s name is Serena, and after I had done work with Dr. Heydari for myself and had seen such incredible changes in my health, I realized that I was struggling with some issues with my daughter who was having a lot of diarrhoea and had been diagnosed previously with some food sensitivities and I thought if Dr. Heydari can help me then he is certainly going to be able to help my daughter, and I brought her in and I have to say in my experience both for myself and for my daughter, Dr. Heydari has one of the most gentle and nurturing bedside manners I have ever worked with in a professional, and my daughter was at ease right away and we did some testing and quickly saw some minor shifts first but it has really been over a period of time of this gentle and progressive improvement in my daughter’s health such that she is almost a different child in her emotional expression, in her ability to manage food, and it’s really been amazing to watch her transformation over time in just a few short years, to really see true strength in her constitution.


Food Allergies Severe Eczema

Respondent:   My name is Amy and I am the mother of Malachai and I brought Malachai in to see Dr. Heydari because he was having some pretty severe eczema and skin things that I had a sense were about food allergies and we did some pretty extensive testing and really found some strong allergies and I have been very pleased with the progress of my son’s health over the course of just probably a year or so, a year and half maybe, really seeing significant changes and really having a much better understanding of my son’s sensitivities and how to manage what’s happening for him with Dr. Heydari’s help.  His evaluations and assessments of what’s going on not just externally but really internally and I am trying to understand the true nature of my child has made a big difference in our ability to treat him and understand him from a global perspective, so I am really grateful for that, to work with Dr. Heydari.

Interviewer:    Can you talk about the changes in his skin and the reintroduction of foods over time and decreased allergies?

Respondent:    Yes, so the way that we approached his  allergies, you know he had eczema in various places and so it was pretty extreme for a 15 month old child to completely eliminate huge amount of foods out of his diet, and Dr. Heydari really worked with me to create a plan of what was good and what wasn’t and clearing these foods out for extensive periods of time and then we slowly reintroduced things and kind of tested to see what it was that was still causing sensitivity and what wasn’t, so it has been very complicated and a trial and error process but I would say that over time we really had a good sense by really paying attention closely to the foods that he was eating and how we could eliminate and then slowly introduce the things back to make a difference for him.

Interviewer:    And the skin?

Respondent:    His skin has definitely improved and when it doesn’t, when I do see flare ups because of all the testing and the work that I have done which Dr. Heydari, I have a pretty good understanding of what’s happening and why that is and how to treat it.  Dr. Heydari uses a lot of natural and homeopathic remedies and really household things that I know are safe for my son and really work and I can see a difference in just a few days of following those protocols and notes.


Pregnancy Kidney Stones

Hi, my name is Amy and I initially came to see Dr. Heydari after I had seen him speak about pregnancy and the importance of nutrition and biogeny in the support of pregnancy.

I was in my second pregnancy at the time and I developed a kidney stone and I was rushed to the hospital and did not know what it was, and as I was laying in the hospital and they were talking to me about surgery I remembered what I had heard about Dr. Heydari.  So I called him and he graciously called me back even though I wasn’t his patient and he supported me and invited me to come see him after and when I did, we did an evaluation and realized so much about what was happening for me had to do with many imbalances in my life and in my nutrition and health and I started working with him and over the course of honestly a very short period of time I saw a significant change in my health overall and I feel like my work with Dr. Heydari during that time and really using the supplements and the treatments that Dr. Heydari was recommending, really shifted my body’s ability to utilize the nutrition I was taking in and I have not had a kidney stone since. A lot of my hormonal imbalances that I have dealt with my entire life have really begun to shift and I have felt stronger than I ever have and I really do attribute so much of my health and the healthy birth of my son to my work with Dr. Heydari.

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