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Autism is treatable. The results with Endobiogeny are amazing according to mothers and fathers like you:

[Richard] has made tremendous progress with a (custom) Autism blend. He does not stim any more or hand flap. He has made a lot of progress according to his teachers. He now notices…where as before he was in his own world and did not pay attention to me a little bit. It took us just 4 weeks to notice progress. Yvette R, Palm Springs, Ca, mother of Richard, age 3

As a father of four with one child diagnosed on the spectrum, I know how challenging this diagnosis can be. As a doctor who specializes in treating autism, I know that the right approach can change your child’s life forever.

The signs of autism can be subtle. They include a lack of social interaction, decreased eye contact, repetitive behavior, problems communicating and sensitivity to light, food, textures or clothing.

There are many approaches to treatment from behavioral to chelation. Which approaches are right for your child? The most sensible approach is gentle and safe, based in modern science and rooted in compassion. As a Stanford-trained doctor, and leader in the field of Endobiogeny , I combine both approaches and can be your advocate in choosing the best therapies.

Endobiogeny looks at the whole child and takes into account ALL factors linked to autism but treats the root causes, not just the symptoms.

For example, many of the key imbalances in autism are linked to trouble using oxygen at the level of the cell. Brain development, neurotransmitter function, ATP production in the mitochondria, detox, fighting infections and healing a leaky gut all rely on proper use of oxygen. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has helped many children with autism in my practice and is safe and effective according to published scientific studies.

Is it recommended for every child on the spectrum? No. Might it be helpful for your child in conjunction with other therapies? It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to find out.

3-step approach to evaluation:

  1. Get to you know your child and your family by listening to you
  2. Do a careful physical exam of your child to look for subtle clues related to autism
  3. Do a detailed evaluation with one basic set of blood work called the Biology of functions  that opens a window of understanding into your child’s unique strengths and areas that need support

3-step approach to treatment:

  1. A whole-person treatment with organic plant extracts, homeopathy, and other gentle therapies. Your child will typically be on 3-5 supplements. That’s it.
  2. Simple strategies for healthy eating customized to your child
  3. Simple lifestyle modifications for 10-20 minutes per day (i.e. sensory downtime, aromatherapy, etc.)

If hyperbaric oxygen is right for your child, our hyperbaric oxygen program will be tailored to fit your child’s needs. It can be performed at our center or in the convenience of your home. Find out more today how your child can receive a complimentary hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

Do you have a child on the spectrum? Call us to find out how your child can have a brighter future with Endobiogeny.

Do you know a family whose child has been diagnosed on the autistic spectrum? Won’t you share this information, and give them a chance at a brighter tomorrow?