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WIN Program



Mission 22 and Full Spectrum Health have partnered to create the WIN program. This is a twelve month program with the goal to eliminate or reduce the symptoms of trauma. It does this by addressing the under-lying physiological and psychological imbalances. By the end of the program you will feel calmer in your body and more connected to those around you.

When you change your physiology you change your psychology. When you change your psychology you change the way you see the world and your place in it. When you change that, you change the mission that drives you. WIN is a one year program that teaches veterans warrior/leader skills to re-establish their transfor-mational role in their families and communities. The method works through balancing hormone and brain chemical imbalances, creating greater alignment with your authentic self. To support this change, key skills of self0mastery are taught for greater engagement with heart and mind.

Veterans will start by having an extensive lab test done to see what is going on on a physiological level. You then meet with the doctor and together will create a personalized twelve month program that is geared specifically for you. Labs can be done where you live and all appointments with the Dr. can be done remotely if you are not local to the Chicago area. This program is all at zero cost to you. To learn more apply please contact us now.