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Mission 22 Protocol

Mission 22: Endobiogeny Protocol for Service Men and Women



Endobiogeny focuses on the whole person as the point of treatment, not just symptoms. This means we treat the person at the level of body, emotions and mind. We allow the patient to tell their story. This is a profound process that brings a level of healing before the doctor has spoken a single word. When the patient is physically present, we carefully evaluate them for signs of imbalance. Finally, we have a powerful method of analyzing blood work to uncover hidden imbalances at body, emotional and mental levels (c.f. table 1).

Table 1: Examples of activity modeled by our testing system

Body Emotion Mind
Hormones Emotional sensitivity Neurotransmitter activity
Cell function Feelings of isolation Concentration and memory
Energy production Trouble feeing engaged with loved ones Optimal work environment


Endobiogeny is personalized medicine. While we have identified patterns of imbalance related to PTS and its related symptoms, each patient receives a unique treatment based on who they are and not what their diagnosis is. Our approach is functional in nature.

Because of the power of our testing system, called the Biology of Functions, the entire visit and treatment can be performed remotely. The patient can take their treatments from home while they continue to live with their family and engage in their daily responsibilities.

However, we offer unique in-house treatments that may accelerate the response rate and shorten the duration of time that patients need to express the fullness of their potential in society. The more compromised the patient is, the more likely it is that they will benefit for a 7-10 day intensive in our office using therapies that must be used on-site (c.f. below).

At-Home Treatments

  1. Plant-based therapies: custom-made in house and taken at home. These treatments address most of the imbalances at the physical, mental and emotional levels
  2. Pharmaceuticals: we find that low doses of certain medications can help patients stabilize quickly with minimal side effects. This gives more time for the natural therapies to work.
  3. Person Self Integration: A personal exploration of the struggles and fears inside with a practical emphasis from the first session on skills to gain more control of our thoughts, feelings and actions
  4. Home-based Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF): For patients with a high degree of dysfunction, advanced anxiety or depression, previously “untreatable” patients, addictions, etc. Works well as a first line treatment but works better after 6-12 sessions of in-house PEMF (c.f. below)

In House Therapies

  1. Office-PEMF: 4 times more powerful than home-based PEMF, includes passive biofeedback therapy. Sessions last 60-80 minutes and can be performed twice per day
  2. Acupuncture with mineral infra-red heat lamp:


In addition, we work with trusted partners who can offer specialized treatment for structural issues such as physical injuries, ringing in the ears, muscle problems, etc., as well as in-depth psychological treatment.