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Mission 22

Post Traumatic Stress, Soldiers and Veterans

What it is

Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) is a diagnosis given to soldiers and veterans who have experienced trauma. Full Spectrum Health Center for Endobiogenic medicine (FSH) uses a new approach to heal soldiers and veterans from the inside out.

How they do it

The standard approach to PTS is to diagnose you based on what you are according to your symptoms. This results in suppressing symptoms rather than treating you.

How We do it

Our approach is to understand who you are and why you suffer with specific symptoms. Using the most sophisticated form of personalized medicine: Endobiogeny, our goal is to heal you, your relationships with yourself, your family, and your community. Our approach is based on balancing and optimizing the four keys to health:


We use a precision-guided approach to choosing the smartest natural treatments for solider and veterans. It’s tailored to you and your needs. There is no need to stop seeing current team of doctors or therapists, or to discontinue current medications. We start by strengthening what other approaches have not supported, and go from there.

How to Get Help

Are you a solider or veteran seeking help for PTS? We are proud to work with Mission 22 in serving those who have served our country.