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Personalized Care – The Future Of Medicine

Have you heard this phrase, “personalized medicine?” Everything is better when it’s personalized, right? The question to ask is not whether this customization is good or not (it is), but who exactly the customer is. The conventional medical model states that you are a collection...

Body as Ecosystem – The Key To Health And Wellness

In the previous blog post about Endobiogeny, I mentioned that the body is a system. This is not just a philosophical point or a warm fuzzy notion. It is the basis of how everything works in the universe, from the cell to the economy, from bees to transnational organizations....

Endobiogeny – A new approach to medicine

Modern medicine is at a crossroads: medicine without humanity, or “natural” medicine without scientific rigor. Yet there is, if we open our minds, a third way: a fusion of medicine—with its scientific precision and brilliance—with a humanistic approach—with its compassion and...